If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, It’s time to stand up to the pain and get back on your feet without going under the knife! Non-invasive treatments from IPC, including viscosupplementation injections, PRP treatments and genicular nerve ablation, can help you hold off on knee surgery – if you need it at all! Learn more about all of our knee pain procedures at https://ipcpain.com/knee-pain-treatment-program.

That crackle and pop you hear every morning isn’t just coming from your cereal bowl! It’s your aging knees telling the world you’re in pain anytime you stand up or sit down.
Osteoarthritis is the result of years of wear and tear on the knee joint. Injuries, genetics and even diabetes can cause the cartilage in your joint to degenerate and your bones to grate against each other.
By taking extra precautions, such as watching your weight, getting plenty of exercise and preventing joint injuries through stretching and rest, you can reduce your risk of osteoarthritis. But when you can no longer fight through the pain, contact IPC to quiet the ache and noise in your knees for good!
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