Physical Therapy

If you want to get well, Interventional Pain Consultants is the right place. Our patients love the personal attention they get from our experienced team during their appointments.

Our physical therapy office is located conveniently near interstate 55 and interstate 270 in Maryville, Illinois. Through our physical therapy and pain management services, IPC will give you the exact treatment you deserve.

Our Philosophy
  • Treat you like family
  • Be 100% straight with you about the care required
  • Always be transparent and discuss finances up front
  • Use the most recent research in our care
  • Do whatever we can to provide top-notch care
Physical Therapy

We integrate physical therapy into most treatment plans for back, neck, shoulder, knees, or any area involving muscles or joints. Physical therapy works to strengthen and stretch specific muscle groups to restore normal functioning to injured or weakened areas. It provides long, lasting pain relief and helps to restore your full range of motion.

At IPC, you can receive your physical therapy care on-site in Maryville, rather than be referred to an outside provider. The same team that develops your treatment plan, oversees your physical therapy care. We can observe, in real time, how you’re progressing, and adjust accordingly.

Because all of our treatment modalities are in one place, you may receive a pain-relieving injection, then immediately follow with physical therapy on the same visit. With the pain alleviated, you’re able to work toward rehabilitating. Often putting these two treatments together results in a more effective outcome.

Whitney Nichols

Whitney Nichols

Physical Therapist

Whitney works onsite at our Marvyille office and has been helping patients heal and get stronger as a licensed physical therapist since 2010. Working with patients to improve their quality of life brings Whitney job through her work.

Start Healing Now!

End the Pain Treatment Cycle

At IPC, we always seek the permanent solution. We want to move you beyond traditional pain management and into actual healing. Our goal is to find the right combination of treatments that work best for you and your budget.

We will take care of you just like we’d take care of someone in our own family. 

We want to get a full picture of what you’re going through and what treatments you’ve tried before. We’ll hear your concerns. Once we have a diagnosis, we’ll give you treatment options and a realistic idea of costs, so you can choose what will work best for you.

IPC is here to create pain management solutions customized for YOU!

Send us a message and let us know how we can help.

Scheduled for a procedure with us?

Make sure to read over these instructions first.

If you are currently taking blood thinning medications, consult with our office to determine if you need to stop your blood thinner prior to your procedure. Some procedures can be safely done with patients still taking their blood thinners.

If you are being treated for an infection with an antibiotic, we will likely postpone your procedure until you complete this medication.

If you are a diabetic and your morning blood sugar is above 200mg/dL, we will postpone your procedure if it involves steroids as this will increase your blood sugar. We will ask you to work with your diabetes physician to optimize blood sugar control prior to doing a steroid related injection.

IPC is here to create pain management solutions customized for YOU!

Send us a message and let us know how we can help.

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