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The IPC staff is a team of proficient doctors, nurses and physician assistants with nearly 40-years of experience in the field of pain management and control.


Learn a little more about us and what we can do for you.

Dr. Wynndel Buenger

IPC Founder, Medical Director

“When I meet with my patients, my ultimate goal is to explain what is causing their pain and then provide them with recommended treatment options. As a physician, I strive to remain up-to-date on the latest medical procedures and medications that can help my patients return to normal function. I look forward to playing an integral part in your overall health.”

With more than 20 years of experience in anesthesia and pain management, Dr. Wynndel Buenger remains at the forefront of the industry to ensure every patient has access to the latest treatment options. Dr. Buenger is dedicated to identifying the root cause of chronic pain and understanding each patient’s lifestyle and overall health to develop custom care plans built around innovative, non-invasive treatments, and in the most serious of cases, state-of-the-art-surgical procedures. His goal is to not only relieve a patient’s pain, but to improve their overall quality of life.

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Dr. Buenger practices at our Alton location on Monday and Thursday.  He sees patients at our Swansea office every Tuesday and in Maryville on Wednesday. Dr. Buenger conducts surgeries on Fridays at Alton Memorial Hospital or Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Dr. Buenger is currently accepting new patients.

Katie Barnard


“My background has focused primarily on Urgent Care; however, I have grown to love pain management. I love connecting with my patients and working with an awesome group of professionals here at IPC. I truly enjoy being able to help my patients manage their chronic pain allowing them to continue their family lives and working. My goal as a provider is to listen to my patients, educate them regarding their diagnosis, and provide a plan of care that is safe and individualized.”

Katie practices at our Swansea location every Monday and Thursday and our Alton location every Tuesday and Wednesday. Katie is currently accepting new patients.

Candace Charles


“I began my medical career in the military and am a proud Army veteran. In addition to being a board certified Physician Assistant, I am also a licensed Respiratory Therapist. Working primarily in Family Medicine, I never thought I would gravitate towards the field of pain management. Then I started working with Dr. Buenger, and I saw how passionate he is about pain control and how he makes a difference in so many of his patients’ lives. As I began to experience the same fulfillment with my own patients, I knew this was my calling and where I belonged.

The highlight of my day is to see my patients happy and able to achieve the quality of life they were denied due to chronic pain. It is my goal to give them back the part of their life they feel chronic pain has taken from them with the least invasive treatment option. Our minimally invasive treatments, alternative methods of pain control and working cohesively with the IPC team allow me to do just that.”

Candace practices at our Swansea location Monday through Thursday and is currently accepting new patients.

Tricia Clayton


“I personally feel like the Lord has me right where he wants me. I love being able to get to know my patients and their families while working together to develop a treatment plan that best fits their needs.

My favorite part about this job is helping to improve the functionality and quality of life for my patients. I love to teach and explain the disease process and the many treatment options available, as well as the evidence-based practice/research surrounding these treatment plans.

There are times when my job isn’t just about treating a condition that already exists, instead it’s about prevention. I like to get to know my patients to the point where I know what motivates them so I can utilize this in setting goals and getting them on the path to wellness.”

Tricia practices at our Alton clinic Monday through Thursday and is currently accepting new patients.


Elsa Raymond


” I love seeing positive responses to my treatment plans for my patients. Getting to know my patient’s as people as well as treating their pain. My goal when working with patients is to provide relief of pain and improved quality of life.

  I love my patients and my coworkers. We have a positive work atmosphere and care about our patient’s. I love having a positive patient-provider relationship with my patients.

Before IPC I worked as a Registered Nurse in the Pediatric ICU at St. Louis Children’s Hospital for 8 years. I have worked in Pain Management as a Nurse Practitioner for 5 years.”

Elsa practices at our Maryville clinic Monday through Thursday and is currently accepting new patients.


lorilee sebesta


I am excited to join IPC as their newest provider! While I thoroughly enjoyed my previous position working in plastic and reconstructive surgery, I am very much looking forward to having long-term patients that I can traverse along with on their journey to improved health. Engaging patients and their families in the process of developing appropriate treatment plans given their current situation, environment, family dynamic, history and lifestyle is something I pride myself in as a nurse practitioner. I believe this makes pain management a great fit for my practice and I look forward to the opportunity to serve this population.

Lorilee practices at our Alton location Monday through Thursday and is currently accepting new patients.

Whitney Nichols


“I enjoy solving functional problems while collaborating with patients towards their goals. I love seeing my patients meet their personal goals and get back to living their everyday life. 

Before working at IPC, I started in skilled rehab and transitioned to acute care.  After coming full circle and entering outpatient services I have worked with all levels of rehab.  Allows me unique perspective so I can help people maintain their independence before needing higher level care.

My goal is to meet their goals. Whatever is important to my patient is what is important to me, otherwise this doesn’t work.  Plus, lots of education so we can make reasonable goals they can feel good about while gaining more independence back in their life.”

Whitney practices at our Physical Therapy clinic at the Maryville location Monday through Thursday and is currently accepting new patients.

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